Compressed air – Low gas pressure and mixer MIX100

It is suitable for every industrial applications, D Series burner is also suitable for:

  • Molds heating
  • Industrial ladles heating
  • Melting

Thanks to its ductility, D series can be adapted for every heating or preheating operation.

D. Series burners are available in the following working mode:

  1. Manual
  2. anual with safety valve
  3. Automatic – Compact
  4. Automatic with support

The burner tube is customisable and flame is available in different angulations.

The D. Series is normally used for the following applications:
  • Industrial processes
  • Foundries
  • Heating small ovens and ladles
  • Farms
  • Melting furnaces
  • Mold heating for chilling or die casting
Some features of D. Series:
  • Low power
  • Two stages - Two-stages min / max - Off, on at reduced power, switched to full power
  • One flame - Operate with flame on or off
  • LPG burners
  • Natural gas burners - Industrial burners for natural gas at high or low pressure.
  • Ventilated air burners
  • For low-pressure natural gas or LPG
  • Special burners and customized solutions
  • Automatic and semiautomatic burners
  • Manual burners
Model Kcal/h LPG consumptions kg/h Methane consumptions m3/h
D.60 40.000 (46 KW) 3,33 4,70
D.76 70.000 (81 KW) 5,8 8,23
D.90 90.000 (104 KW) 7,5 10,58

Burners for foundries · Burners for forges · Burners for food-related applications · Burners for industrial applications · Burners for mold heating· Burners for industrial furnaces

Product Videos

  • D Burners - Santin Burners for pre-heating application

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