Atmospheric or premix burners – Custom solutions

Thanks to our BS (brass spouts) nozzle mix Bruciatori Santin developed small manual custom linear burners called BLOS.

The semi-automatic BLOS burner is mainly used for roasting machines, to warm up large pots drum mixers, industrial deep fryers and galvanic processing.

The burner works in atmospheric or premix mode with methane gas or GPL using one of our MIXERS in the catalogue. BLOS is available i the following versions:

BLOS-X: Atmospheric with custom shape and capacity

BLOS-X-MIX: Premix with custom shape and capacity

BLOS is made in carbon steel or stainless steel material and it is available in different size and any shapes as rectangular, square or round shapes.

The gas security is controlled by the installation of a safety valve and pilot burner.

The pilot ignition can be activated manually or with an ignition transformer located on the side of the thermoelectric valve and an electrode on the pilot.

In semi-automatic versions  is available in one, two or three stages.

BLOS can be equipped with standard or special mounting plate, brackets and/or supports. This allow to install BBA in new or existing applications.

The BLOS series is normally used for the following applications:

  • Industrial processes
  • Galvanic baths for drying
  • Farms
  • Roasting machines
  • Industrial fryers
  • Heat large pots and cookware
Some features of BLOS series:
  • Low power
  • Two stages - Two-stages min / max - Off, on at reduced power, switched to full power
  • One flame - Operate with flame on or off
  • Three stages
  • LPG burners
  • Natural gas burners - Industrial burners for natural gas at high or low pressure.
  • For low-pressure natural gas or LPG
  • Air intake burners
  • Special burners and customized solutions
  • Automatic and semiautomatic burners
  • Small control panel
  • Manual burners
Model Kcal/h LPG consumptions kg/h Methane consumptions m3/h
BLOS-10 15.000 (17,44 KW) 1,25 1,76
BLOS-15 20.000 (23,25 KW) 1,66 2,35
BLOS-20 30.000 (34,88 KW) 2,5 3,52
BLOS-30 40.000 (46,51 KW) 3.33 4.71
BLOS-60 75.000 (87 KW) 6.25 8.82
BLOS per tutte le applicazioni/ for any applications:      
BLOSX For any industrial applications Custom capacity  
For any industrial applications Custom capacity

Burners for forges · Burners for food-related applications · Burners for industrial applications · Burners for mold heating · Burners for industrial furnaces


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  • BLOS MIX100

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