Low NOx with blower

The VGC burner is designed for direct fired air heating applications. VDC offers a wide input range, reliable performance and flexible design.

VGC produces a short compact flame, protected by a resistant combustion chamber, which achieves optimum combustion without being influenced by the process air stream.
VGC is a modular burner construction and can be configured to meet your specific heating requirements.


VGC is available in compact solution with gas train. command panel and control unit.

VGC is also available with custom mounting plate or brackets. Blower can be installed on the burner or outside the duct.

This model is normally used for the following applications

  • Furnaces with air circulation
  • Drying ovens
  • Textile drying ovens
  • Manufacturing textile industry
  • Painting ovens
Some features of this model

  • Two stagesTwo-stages min / max - Off, on at reduced power, switched to full power
  • One flameOperate with flame on or off
  • Modulating
  • LPG burners
  • Natural gas burnersIndustrial burners for natural gas at high or low pressure.
  • Ventilated air burners
  • For low-pressure natural gas or LPG
  • Special burners and customized solutions
  • Automatic and semiautomatic burners
  • High power
  • Turndown 1-40
Model Kcal/h LPG consumptions kg/h Methane consumptions m3/h
VGC150 120.000 (140kW)    
VGC300 240.000 (280kW)    
VGC450 361.000 (420kW)    
VGC600 481.000 (560kW)    
VGC750 602.000 (700kW)    
VGC900 722.000 (840kW)    
VGC1050 842.000 (980kW)    
VGC1200 963.000 (1120kW)    
VGC1350 1.083.000 (1260kW)    
VGC1500 1.204.000 (1400kW)    

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