STATOP 689 Dual - Loop PID Controller

STATOP 689 Dual - Loop PID Controller

STATOP 689 Dual - Loop PID Controller


STATOP 689 Dual-Loop PID Controller
1/8 DIN (48X96)
3 displays
3 Bargraphs 
IP 65
Simple configuration, intuitive use 
Advanced, customizable functions


STATOP 689 dual-loop PID controller 
Format 48x96 (1/8 DIN) 
Up to 15 I/Os 

3 displays (measurement/setpoint/output power and/or alphanumeric message) 
3 bargraphs (measurement/setpoint/output power) 
IP 65 
Simple configuration and intuitive use 
Advanced, customizable functions 
Smart display (alphanumeric messages) 
Preventive Maintenance function 
Energy counter function (with CT option) 
Two independent PID controllers 

Universal measurement input (TC, RTD, IR, analogue) 
Auxiliary input* Sampling time: 60ms/120ms, selectable 
Current transformer (CT) input: 2 max.* 
Up to 5 logic inputs 

Control outputs: Relay (4 max.) / Logic (4 max.) / 3-phase AC (1 max.) / DC (1 max.)* 
Alarms: up to 4 assigned to a relay output 
Analogue retransmission x2* 

Control: PID, On/Off, Heat/Cold, Cascade, Ratio 
Command outputs for power-operated valves (interlocked outputs) with or without feedback* 
Setpoint programmer: number of programs 16, number of steps 128 (1 step = ramp+plateau) 
Multiple setpoints: 4 
Logical function blocks* 
Mathematical blocks* 
5 on-board recipes 
Transmitter power supply 24Vdc* 
Potentiometer power supply 1Vdc* 
Timer Diagnostics: control-loop break alarm 
RS485 MODBUS* communication 
Power supply: 100…240Vac/dc 50/60Hz (20…27Vac/dc available as an option) 
Consumption: 10Wmax 
Operating temperature: -10…+55°C 
Dimensions: 48x96x80mm 

Compliant with the CE/UL directives 

* Depending on configuration

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