The TESE series safety valves for flame backfire are vent devices that release the overpressure generated by the priming of a mixture mitigating the explosion effects that would otheriwse jeopardize the operator safety and cause serious damage to the combustion plant.
The TESE safety valves are installed on premix plants, more specifically on the burner manifold. The valve prinicple consists in the opening of a mobile disc in case of flame backfire. This allows to vent the overpressure generated due to priming, after which it closes again. An accidental pressure reduction of the saftey mixture pressure (blower breaking, incorrect air setting, burner degeneration etc...) can generate flame backfires causing an explosion. The TESE safety valves limit the excess pressure inside the mixture mainfolds in case of priming. The safety valves are made up of a tight disc, an adjustable spring that establishes the intervention pressure and a valve body. Furthermore, the valves also have a manual recocking microswitch used for: - Switching off the solenoid gas valve. - Visual and/or acustic alarm. - Data acquisition.

Applications : Premix plant piping

Valve Characteristic: 
  • Maximum working pressure:                                           300 mbar 
  • Available sizes:                                                               Rp.1.1/2”, 2”
  • Mass:                                                                              3.5 Kg
  • Mounting position:                                                          horizontal and vertical (see. diagrams pag.04)
  • Microswitch capacity:                                                     1,5A 250 Vac
  • Electric cable inlet:                                                          nr. 1 threaded inlet PG 13.5
  • Protection degree:                                                          IP20
  • Working environment:                                                    not appropriate in explosive or corrosive environments
  • MATERIAL COMPOSITION:                                          Valve body: aluminium
  • Mobile disc:                                                                    aluminium Cover: aluminium
  • Nut:                                                                                 Fe
  • Spring:                                                                            Fe
  • Support shafts:                                                               Fe
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